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Thread: Radar Freqs.

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    Default Radar Freqs.

    I haven't dug real deep here for a previous answer, but I was wondering if the false signals we get on RD's are the same frequency as real LEO radar?

    My guess is that some are or the RD manufacturers could use band-pass filters to get rid of the non LEO signals.

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    I did some tests my self and found out that most auto-doors uses the same Freq as LEOs radars at least in my area. I cannot remember the Freq used (maybe 24.150, K band)

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    Unfortunately, door openers and microwave sensors operate on the exact same frequencies as police radar. In particular, X band (10.525 GHz) and K band (24.150 GHz).

    That's why these falses can't be filtered without affecting sensitivity to real radar.

    I have to wonder if it's some sort of conspiracy between the police radar manufacturers and the door opener manufacturers. Even if they're required by the FCC to use these bands, couldn't they just pollute X and leave K alone?
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    My 2 cents is that back in the day, when K band first came out, the industry began to sell X-band door openers for cheap because police radar no longer needed it. Now that Ka has emurged, K band is sold for cheap and X band is obsolete, therefore K band door openers are being sold. It seems that all the K band door openers are from newer facilities, such as CVS or newer grocery stores.



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