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    Default VA RD Owner Beats Law Against RD's -- Contacting Him, Would Like Some Input

    Hey I'm contacting a guy that beat the VA System on radar detectors. He was pulled over for using one and him knowing the FCC laws and regulations beat it. The thread is right here for view sake of how he did it:

    Guy beats VA law against radar detectors

    I'm here to see what would like to ask him before I contact him so I'll be ready with some questions to throw at him and help us beat the VA law.

    I will be contacting him in the next few days and if he even has some documents meet up with him. Along with a full report afterwards. Though I don't care about the law, one because I have the STI and two because It makes me unique to most other drivers, and cops arn't going crazy on tactics to beat us. But for people that have detectors that are detecetable I would like to help you guys out.

    So please post what you would like of me to ask him. And as soon as possible and no off topic conversations so I can get this thing underway asap. Thanks

    (BTW, this forum may not be the most suited, but feel I will get the most questions here and would appreciate it mods if you could keep it in this forum for now? Please!)

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    Default Re: VA RD Owner Beats Law Against RD's -- Contacting Him, Would Like Some Input

    The main technicality why VA law works is that it doesn't prevent you from using a radar detector (something it can't do due to FCC). It prevents you from using a motor vehicle on state's roads while you are using one.

    I'm somewhat skeptic over that link, but I would be interested in knowing a specific case identifier. I've looked through several attempts to challenge this based on FCC and yet to find anything positive.
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    Default Re: VA RD Owner Beats Law Against RD's -- Contacting Him, Would Like Some Input

    Hi YTCD,

    Milk him for all he's worth!



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