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    Default Radar on highway

    How far away do the police pick you up and give you a ticket on the highway. And if there is a slite hill but still see the police can they still get you (The police Radar is a monted unit )

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    i would say it depends and it depends. legally from what info i've gathered here in the forums when being hit with laser its supposed to be within a 1000ft. im not sure about radar.

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    laser can be at any range they have a visual of your car. a member on the forum got a ticket for 1800FT! in my first video I was able to get a reading at 3000+ feet, although I had no idea what car I was hitting. I would say anything under 2K you are considered a target with laser depending on the road and time of day *at night if your the only one on the road with your headlights on they could target you at 3K* and its just as easy at 3K if you have a front plate to get a reading and no protection as it is at 1500FT.

    just some food for thought!

    radar I've never used and cant comment!

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    to many factors affecting a radar. Weather, terrain...the list goes on



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