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    Smile Visor Clip Installation [pics inside]

    Hello, and a great thanks to all for helping me choose and install a radar detector. As many of you already know, I settled with a Bel V955 from radarbusters. While pondering over different ways to install my V955 in my '07 Tacoma, I decided that using the visor clip was best for me. In my situation, no single installation method was without faults, so it's a bit of a compromise. In this case, I am unable to use the driver's side sun visor. Which is fine for me, I didn't use it anyway because I have dark tint, driver & passenger window visors, and wrap-around prescription sunglasses with polorized lenses. If anyone here has a pair of driving glasses like these, they know how invaluable they are.

    The visor clip is attached to the headliner itself. Where the "heel" of the visor clip meets the windhield, I used a strip for velcro for extra hold, and to protect the windshield from the metal clip. Its very solid. The velcro also allows for adjustments to level the radar detector. I put a torpedo level on it and it's dead on balls level. The detector is positioned about 98% under the headliner. There is also factory tint, a dark tint strip, ceramic dots, and a folding windhield visor to help keep things cool.

    It's hardwired to the fuse box, and all wires are hidden. The wire runs above the headliner, and down the windshield pillar through the dash. It's key operated and programmed so I never have to mess with it. Settings are; Pilot HWY/Voice On/PwrOnFst/aMute ON/City LoX

    The unit is completely invisable from the outside. I have peered in from every angle and light condition and you cannot see it, period.

    Today is the first day I've used it. About 8 minutes into it's maiden voyage, it picked up a patrol car using KA band loud and clear from about 3/4 mile away. I'm very happy with this setup. Thanks again for all the help!
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    Default Re: Visor Clip Installation [pics inside]

    Looks good!
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    Default Re: Visor Clip Installation [pics inside]

    Looks good man, the red display blends in nicely.

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    Default Re: Visor Clip Installation [pics inside]

    So, where did you finally connect the add a fuse in the fuse box?

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    thanks all.

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    Default Re: Visor Clip Installation [pics inside]

    nice install

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    radar retard: Nice install. I think your install contradicts your user name LOL...

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    Very clean install, that is the way they should look. In my truck I am able to slide the visor bracket into the headliner so the visor is still useable.

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    Nice setup man, I was thinking of something similar for my Dodge Ram. Does it work as good behind the tint as it would below it? And I was wondering which fuse to hardwire my RD to, I don't want to lose power to my radio or anything like that.
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    Did the tint interfear with the detection range? Did you try the supermarket trick?

    And for your dodge ram, not a bad Idea, but I would mount the lens below the tint strip just as a precaution.



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