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    Any suggestions to buy a decent tint strip for the top of my windshield? Something that is easy to install?

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    Thats really annoying work unless you do it for a living. And all the non-professional jobs I've seen look like crap. I would assume $25 would be a reasonable price (correct me if I'm wrong) to have it professionaly done at a tint shop, plus you get to pick the tint grade/color/darkness/width of strip

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    a black vinyl strip on the outside of my windshield cost me about $60 CAD a few years ago. I haven't done it since, but the ones done outside the car look better (in my opinion) but have a lifespan of a year or so.

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    I would use a pro. It is 25 where I live, and worth it.

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    If you are going to put your RD behind it, make sure it is ceramic tint so radar performance isn't affected.



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