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    Default "Raid" of traffic police with new equipment

    Great raid by hundreds of Traffic and patrol new cranes, as with thousands of new devices, is expected to evolve in 2007 for the control of traffic offenses and reduce road accidents in Greece. Under the special program at 8(!) million in 2007 Traffic departments acquire 428 patrol, 547 motorcycles, 103 tow tracks,667 speed measuring devices and 660 devices of drunkenness. Even gained 37 vehicle speed measuring devices with photographic system that will be placed in a patrol of the Police with conventional or non-registration number plates.Also according to the list in the report of the Police in 2007 will be earned by the Traffic 19 jeeps, 10 vans, and 624 portable self-luminous signs.

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    Default Re: "Raid" of traffic police with new equipment

    you have fun with that big guy



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