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    Greetings all! could use a little help. I have an interest in electronic gadgets & because of my line of work & the cars I drive.I'm interested in the latest technology available & hope to get some good feed back here. I have gotten a little lax & recently got a ticket by an unmarked mustang on a visit to FL. I went there to purchase a turbo Porsche. There is no way to drive a car like this without attracting some jealous cop. I't was on highway I-75 appropriately called alligator alley. Not all alligators live in the swamps one of them drives a stealthy blue mustang. This cop baited me till I got annoyed & accelerated to put some distance between us. I come to find out that is standard practice on that road. The ticket indicates a stalker DSR 2X was used to nail me. So that brings me to the question as to what detector is the best out there currently. The more I read the more confused I get & do jammers really work . Regards Lou

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    Whats up man I know how tricky they get on alligator alley its not fun. For you I would recommend a V1 which runs $400 which is really good with the arrows and if you want to go a remote mounted unit i would saw the sti-r which is made by beltronics. As far jammers go radar jammers dont really work and are illegal. As far as laser jammers certain states allow and not allow them in cali im pretty sure they are illegal but if you got the money i would go with a laser interceptor or LI which is $700 but is jtg. I know that djrams has it and lives in cali he can maybe give you more info also is that photo taken at mizener park in boca?

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    I live and drive in SoCal. These are my opinion of your best options for this area. Opinions around here will vary, but these are what I feel will protect you the best.

    Radar Detectors:

    1. Escort 9500ci
    2. Escort 9500ix
    3. V1

    Laser Jammers:

    1. Laser Interceptor
    2. Blinder M25
    3. Escort ZR4(included with the Escort 9500ci)

    Your countermeasure budget will greatly determine how good your protection will be. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.

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