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    Question new V1 user

    My V1 just came in! This is my first RD, am confused with all the setting and programing. I read many of the posts and have done a considerable amount of research on the proper use of RD's, but are there any things I can do to reduce my chance of getting a ticket by more effective using my RD. (as far as programing, mounting, and other considerations) I don't want to be like 50% of RD users(and 99% of Cobra RD users) who get a false sense of security with their new counter measure. I have it velcro'ed to my dash. In my county, if you are caught speeding, and the cop sees an RD, you WILL get a ticket. It is more hidden on the dash than on my windshield, and I can easily put my V1 in the glove box if I do get stopped. Is this an OK set up, if not what else can I do?

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    hey, I suggest that if you want the stealth u hardwire your v1 high and add a concealed display, mounting it on the dash will reduce range, the higher the better.. .also if your confused with how to program it check this out..Ask Mike - Report #3 and also for settings I would turn pop off and most likely X band since it doesn't look like it is used

    I would talk to more people from GA regarding X but I would def turn off pop...just always use a rabbit when you drive and never ignore a possible threat

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    Congratulation's on your V1 purchase. You are a proud member of the Zombie Crew!!! You will love the V1's performance thru and thru. I should know I used to own one before it was stolen from me. Enjoy driving with it everyday.

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    I wouldn't worry about programming it yet. I say run it in A mode for now and come back to us if it's too noisy and we'll help you.



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