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    Default Should I Go Cordless?

    I've owned many radar detectors over the years and the most frustrating aspect of the ownership has been the cords. The cords often stop working or have to be positioned just perfectly to function. This weekend I almost threw my radar detector out the window because it kept having cord connection problems. I'm looking to buy either the Bel RX65 or the Escort X50, but I am wondering whether I should consider a cordless model. I park my vehicle outside at night, so I have to take the radar detector down and put it back up every day. I know this is the main reason I have cord connection problems. A cordless model would be much more convenient. However, I am also concerned about the performance of cordless models. Any advice? How are the cords on the RX65 and the X50? Thanks!

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    cordless will always be inferior to the big 3

    i recommend getting a V1 or Rx65 and hardwire it, its not hard at all

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    Default Cordless

    I do NOT recommend cordless as you will be giving up between 30 to 45% in range
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    Happya$$ says that Cordless detectors are like MOST diet sodas/pops just wannabes and a cheap immitation of the real thing.
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    Also consider that the Big 3 RDs (V1, X50, RX65) use RJ11 connectors instead of the little round thingies. This makes the connection more secure, and if the plug breaks, you can easily crimp on another one.

    Hardwiring is a good idea as well. If you pick a location where the RD is invisible from outside, you won't have to take it out of the car as often. The V1 comes with a hardwire kit, and you can buy them for the X50 and RX65.
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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the info! Maybe the different cord connections will make a big difference. Those round plug-ins are just a problem waiting to happen. I'll also look into hard wiring.

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    Got to go with the X50 if you need to take it down at night and need an easy hardwire solution. You can leave the mount up and be "hardwired' with the included cig lighter plug-in remote, a two line telephone extension cord and an adapter to connect the two. I am not sure but the recently tested RX65 may be the same. I love the V1 but have difficulty when it comes to daily removal.

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    A Hardwire kit would do the job, its frustrating to always plug/unplug these things and these cords are always too short. Hardwiring is the way to go. 8)

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    I leave my V1 in the car all the time, unless I need to take it out to put in another car.

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    Default Can you explain hardwiring?

    I'm new to the advanced radar detector methods. Everyone seems to be recommending hardwiring the radar. What does that mean exactly and what does it entail? Thanks!



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