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    Default Pop seems OK, but this is wierd...

    I have had a couple false POP alerts on my X50, and have lately turned POP off, as it's not used around here, anyway. I will post the software version in the sticky message... but this is is even stranger:

    Under hard acceleration in both the car and on the bike I can get the laser alert to go off. Now we're talking HARD acceleration, like wheely popping zero to triple digits, not general driving conditions... and it's only pulling away from a dead stop. Easy on the bike... do-able in the truck with some effort (though obviously not attaning the same rate of acceleration, or speed). The alert continues until I back off the gas.

    I can also get a laser alert when I honk the horn in my truck! Now that's not right!!!

    Both locations the X50 is powered from the battery of the vehicle it's riding with. Settings are as follows:

    POP off (now)
    City low X
    Expert meter
    Auto mute off
    brightness - last
    Tone - loud
    that's it...

    Any ideas?

    After a few months of use it's saved me twice... so these quirks aside, I'm a happy owner.


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    Do a factory reset seems to do a recalibration.

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    I posted a message about this topic before: and

    From what I found out, electrical noise will set it off. Valentine 1 had the same problem and updated their power cord in 1999 to include a 1uF capacitor to get rid of the problem. Passport released the X50 and most false lasers went away with the new model. This has been more noticed in the original 8500; your the first to report with a 8500X50.

    To correct the false laser you can try getting power from another location. If that does not work, you might try to put a 1uF capacitor at point where you get power. (Radio Shack )

    Does anyone know if you can use V1's lighter adapter and direct wire power adapter?? This might be a solution for the electronic challenged.

    Picture of V1's lighter adapter inside



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