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    Default Happy New Year Guys....a little early

    Its still a good 5 hours away, here on the East Coast.
    Just figured I'd say Happy New Year to everyone now.
    Here's hoping its a good one!

    Be careful on the if NYE wasnt the worst night for drunks on the you have to deal with the snow and ice here in New England again. LEOs will be out in force I'm sure...and rightly so. Only problem is if you're intelligent enough to have only 1 or 2..and get pulled over...its still easy to be over the limit.

    Last year I had a show New Years Eve, and on long drive home, the GF and I were almost hit a few times by a drunk chic.
    I ended up calling the cops because she was going to kill someone or herself. 2 LEO's blew by me out of nowhere at about 100mph to catch her. I felt bad when we passed her and she was crying..but it was obvious she was messed up.

    Peace out!
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    Default Re: Happy New Year Guys....a little early

    Happy new year to all as well and i wish all who are traveling at all a safe trip to and from



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