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    Default Common Ka falsing problem?

    Well, I think my mom's Bel Express 925 crapped today. Bought it for a Christmas present for her. Started randomly alerting on Ka with high signal strength. Seems to quiet down after it's been on for an hour or so, but it's simply us-usable before that. It still seems to detect real signals too. What really puzzles me is that this is the same thing that happened with my old Cobra 9870. Signal would shoot up to 3 or 4 on Ka then it would go quiet. Only difference is that it seems to happen a lot more with the Bel. I'm giving it a try in my car, but not putting a lot of faith in anything good happening right now. I've already got a return # for Bel. Is this something that happens a lot with cheapo detectors like those or am I just hated by the detector gods?

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    comp, what's your area like? Does it happen everywhere? Certain times of the day? Are there any microwave antennas in your area?

    Try this in those areas you seem to be getting such strong 'false alarms'. Hold the RD in your hand and scan the area you are in. If you get a stronger signal from a particular direction you have found a transmitting source. There may not be anything wrong with the RD.

    If on the road and you have an opportunity to safely pull over, do so and scan the area to locate the source. At least then you will know where the alerts are coming from.

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    scannang around doesn't effect the strength, and there seems to be no pattern other than the Bel stops the problems after it's been on for a while. Never really ran the Cobra for long enough at a time to notice with it. The people at Cobra were excelent to deal with when it happened, they just sent me a brand new XRS 9700



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