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    Default Bel Beltronics 855sti

    how would this detector work with todays new radar guns. Some guy is selling it on craigslist

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    Default Re: Bel Beltronics 855sti

    Better not. I have owned 2 of them. The first one flat out sucked. The last one was only about 6 months ago, it rocked. Problem is, if you get s sh*tty one, you're screwed. Bel will not service them, so you have a paperweight. As far as price goes, the one that rocked I bought on Ebay for $20, figuring if I was screwed, at least it was only $20.

    They are about 10-11 years old, and IMHO the only 10 year old detector worth a sh*t is a V1. It will still hang with the best.

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    Stay very, very far away from the 855 Series! They aren't anywhere close in performance to the newer BELs. The 840/845 are equally bad. I have had all of these as replacements for a 745 STi that I had problems with. And stay away from the 645 and 745 series also. Even on K band they are terrible.




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