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    Default 9500ix update 2 Months

    Well many of you know i have had my 9500ix for about 2 months now. After a rocky start and hating how it set on my shield im now in love with this detector.

    Honestly I dont see how i could use anything else. It has gotten so quiet that every time it goes off i know its a real alert. It has saved me multiple times including just the other day when a DPS trooper was running instant on. It was such a small alert i might have dismissed it on other detectors. But i slowed down, was going 15 over and it saved me big time my rabbit in front of me got tagged.

    Anyway just wanted to let yall know how the detector is doing and say to anyone who is looking for a detector spend the extra money and get the 9500ix its worth every penny to me


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    Default Re: 9500ix update 2 Months

    I agree with you. A RD that only goes off when the threat is real certainly gets your attention. I too could not go backwards from quiet.

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    Default Re: 9500ix update 2 Months

    Well, thats what wascally wabbits are for -- to get tagged!



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