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    Default Interesting convoy

    Had to share this before I forgot. I got entangled in some sort of convoy of about 6-7 cars from South Carolina a week ago. The lead car in the convoy was a Scion Xa. There were averaging about 85 mph. I sped up b/c I thought I saw an RD in the Scion so I had to see what it was. Wow, what a shocker. Two RDs going. On the windshield just below the RVM on the driver's side was a Bel Vector of some sort. Then, directly opposite, passenger side.....Cobra.

    How was this poor guy managing? Maybe the Cobra put out some much interference that it just completely blinded the Bel....

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    Default Re: Interesting convoy

    Maybee he took the guts out of the cobra and put the case on a 9500 so no one would steal it... or take it even if he tried to give it away

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    Default Re: Interesting convoy

    1) I realize that not everyone knows about the interference possibilities, but even if you knew nothing about RDs, seriously, why would you run 2 on the windshield? Was one high, and one low? One set for highway, the other for city? Maybe one was for the passenger.

    2) A tangent because of the Scion mention - I've been checking the ads lately for an inexpensive, practical extra car. I've been thinking Corollas and Civics. Then I wandered into reading about the latest Civic Si Coupe. Now I want one of THOSE, even though it's neither...

    3) Since that !@#$#@$#%$ song is now in my head, it might as well be in everyone else's:

    [ame=]YouTube - Convoy Music Video[/ame]

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    Default Re: Interesting convoy

    I've had 2 RDs on at a time before, but it's for testing. I wonder if people who are behind me think I'm a noob.



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