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    Default cobra users are so funny...

    i'm driving down the hwy today, in a construction zone so its a double fine zone... doing about 10+ psl a toyota tacoma pulls up and revs its engine, then speeds up. now i just drive a pos jetta, but i thought i could have some fun because there was a new sheriff station up ahead and knew they were sitting there. i let him think i'm gonna chase him and he speeds up to about 20+ psl and passes the sheriff. I sit back and wait and can't believe it when he gives no chase. I catch up and see that there is a cobra in his windshield... and at this point we are doing about 35+ psl and he feels invincible. sorry to say i don't have a good end to this story but the fact that his cobra didn't have a chance against the sheriff. wish i had a camera set up

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    Default Re: cobra users are so funny...

    Everything goes out the window when the deputy is napping, catching up on paperwork, or calling his girlfriend in the patrol car. I think we've all benefited from those moments...



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