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    Hey i know you cant sell anything on here so iam not trying to i just wanted to know what would be a fair resell value for a 6 month old BEL STi? I have everything but the hard wire kit.

    Sorry if i cant ask this type of question on here.


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    If it was me I would just drop the (brand-new) selling price by a cool 100... and work from there. (Assuming you are going USD)

    I think this post is fine, as long as you are just asking for advice on the selling price, not actually intending to sell it on here.

    It also would depend on how or where (and to who) you are going to sell it to... a friend or family member would most likely get an RD from me for cheaper then someone else.

    If you ebay it, start it out real low... $50, and set a reserve.

    Key is what were YOU thinking?
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    kool thanks for the help



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