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    so i got my rx65 the other day and have never liked the ugly chord hanging down. it looks messy and unprofessional.and i like everything clean and no wires or cables. so i was reading how to hardwire a rd and watched videos and did alot of research. so i decided alrighty i can do that, so i go to walmart last night to get a phone chord, and then i realized that i couldnt do anything until i got an add a circiut, and im way lazy and autozone was like 5miles away. sooo i was standing at the phone chords in walmart and i get this great idea. all i really needed was a longer smartchord to run through my truck. so i find a cable connector. its this thing where you plug one phone chord into this box and another phone chord into the other end of the i picked up 20 ft of phone chord!!!(thats all they had and i was lazy) i get the connector and the chord and start taking my truck apart. in conclusion it looks like its all hardwired. the only thing is i have my smart chord still plugged into an outlet..i will get pictures up on this thread a.s.a.p as soon as i figure out the downside is i drive an f150 and if you have something in an outlet, then it will stay on after you turn your truck fine with that though..

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    Thats how I have mine installed in my car. The phone cable and the coupler must be straight-thru so the polarity is correct at the RD and smartcord mute and alert led continue to work.

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    mine is almost simimar to yours. I strected out my v1 cord and hit the cord on the side of the piller and the roof, mine also is plug using the smart cord. Its a ghetto ass hardwired. But I like it, and it looks the same.



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