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    Default 9500ix vs V1 3.864 (head to head)

    I decided to test two of my RD's against door openers tonight and was lucky to find our local Police training with radar.

    I had the ix on first and got the "multiple signals" alert. Then I see car after car after car. Some on the median and some on the side. Ka and K all over the place.

    So I get down the road, around a long curve and make a U-turn at a light about a mile beyond the curve.

    At the light I turn off the ix and fire up the V1. The second I face the curve (still a mile away or so), the V1 alerts to K and gets stronger as I near the curve. Just before my side of the curve a car was shooting K forward facing and the V1 ate it for lunch.

    As I near the K-band car, I get the "new signal" beep and it alerts to Ka ahead. (well before I get around the curve and in line with the Ka car that is about 1/4-1/2 mile past the curve, shooting toward me.

    Once I line up on the stretch of road they are training on, the counter jumps to 3 and then 4 and alerts to K and Ka. At that point, I am probably cooking from the inside-out from all the radar waves being shot around me and even a broken Cobra would have alerted, so I just turned of the V1 and made a big loop instead of a U-turn. Once away from the radar, I fire up the ix, Hwy mode no GPS filter.

    As I approach the red light to make a 90 deg left toward the curve before the radar training, the ix gives one short Ka alert. I am a little over a mile away from the radar with a long curve between me and them. (I'm still not sure what that was?)

    I got no K-band alert from the car before the curve, (His radar had to be off at that moment.) However, the "around the curve Ka alert" was shorter than the V1. The curve itself was between 1/8 and 1/4 mile and the ix alerted at the last part of the curve, just before the LEO came into view. (The V1 alerted before I entered the curve.)

    There was so much going on that I can't call this a "controlled" test by any means.

    I did find a quiet section of road closer to home and a single K-band door opener shooting across the road (at 90 deg) to test both of them against.

    The V1 picked it up sooner, but only by about 4-5 car lengths.

    I want to use the ix for my next road trip from SW Florida to NC, but, if there are no speed cams on I-75, I might just wait until I get off the interstate in Ga to pull out the ix. It's great in the city, but I still have more confidence in my V1 on the open road.

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    Default Re: 9500ix vs V1 3.864 (head to head)

    Valentine One for the win!!!

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    Default Re: 9500ix vs V1 3.864 (head to head)

    Thanks for that post.

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    Default Re: 9500ix vs V1 3.864 (head to head)

    Quote Originally Posted by <<JAZZY>> View Post
    Valentine One for the win!!!
    9500ix for the win!!!

    Coll test, its always interesting how a RD reacts in radar chaos.



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