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    Default VG2 Cloaking: Was it effective?

    Wondering if the VG2 Cloaking and alert that Whistler used to include in its RD was considered effective?

    Did anyone ever conduct tests to determine what ranges, radar guns, etc, it was effective against?

    I realize that VG2 has been superceeded for the most part by the Spectre RDD.

    Did anyone beside Whistler offer VG2 cloaking?

    Thanks for the info

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    Default Re: VG2 Cloaking: Was it effective?

    I found this information while looking around.

    Temporary Cloaking Detectors

    -The US manufactured models, the Bel "i" series, some Cobras and Whistlers (American) use VG-2 cloaking to hide the tetector. The detector actually detects the VG-2, provides an alert and then hides the local oscillator (LO) by shutting down for a short time. With this, the detector is unable to detect police radar but laser can still be received. When the unit reactivates and VG-2 is out of range, the detector will detect radar once again. One problem, if the VG-2 units are modified in some way these detectors are unable to shut down and will be detected without warning.

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    Default Re: VG2 Cloaking: Was it effective?

    ^ I used to run a Whistler 1785 here before the V1.

    VG2 immune my ar$e . Kind of ironic that it was picked up at 1785 feet actually lol.

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    Default Re: VG2 Cloaking: Was it effective?

    I had a VG-2 "immune" Whistler taken by the OPP back in the mid 90's.




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