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    Hello guys ,..I would to know about the Bell Sti witch grade this radar is known?? the new generation is it Bell A4m9 or A6m9 or A7M9, and if this famous bug is still Fix (33.8)

    Tank you very much........Voltigeur (Quebec ) Canada

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    Wink Re: Bell Sti

    hI GUYS I would like to know witch grade Bell StI is on by now, Is it A4M9 or A6M9 or A7M9 for the best generation without the famous bug (33.8) I want a Bell StI without the bug.

    Votigeur...Quebec Canada............

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    Hi voltigeur,

    A4M9, A6M9 and A7M9 merely indicate what specific hardware components are used in any given STi since Bel uses several sources for non-antenna components such as the display, photocell sensor, or other stuff which doesn't have anything to do with the actual performance of the STi. I have an A4M9 STi and even after it was recently reflashed with the latest firmware it still displays A4M9 since A4M9 refers to the specific photocell and display board which is used in my particular STi.

    So, all that is important with any STi and regardless of the displayed firmware revision is that its firmware was flashed sometime after June of 2007 when the 33.8 bug was fixed. All of the recent firmware versions have the 33.8 bug fix incorporated in them.

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    Il n'y a aucune différence dans l'exécution entre A4M9 et A7M9. Un Sti construit après le milieu de 2007 a été fixé.




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