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    Default Would It Be Possible?

    I am completely guilty of using abbreviations, initials, and other shorthand to quickly convey ideas and points. This is common on every information sharing network, but we are part of a unique network with a unique purpose and a narrow information gap. I was wondering if one of the moderators wouldn't mind composing a Sticky of abbreviations and placing it in the announcements forum, right under the forums rules. New posters would perhaps find the topics and information they desire more readily if they understand what certain shortcuts mean. Obviously this would be a work in progress....but here are a few items to start with. Hopefully somebody takes this up the ladder and creates a dictionary.

    P.S. If anyone leaves a post with some more, I'll edit this top one to develop a full list.

    Dictionary of Terminology

    33.8 - A Ka Band frequency.

    34.7 - A Ka Band frequency.

    35.5 - A Ka Band frequency that is difficult to detect.

    Belscort - A merged word as a result of a buyout. Beltronics and Escort.

    CARD - Cheap Ass Radar Detector

    False or False Alert - A detected signal that does not belong to a LEO.

    Gun - A device used by a LEO to capture your speed. See Lidar or RG.

    IR or Infrared - A light source whose wavelength range is invisible to the naked eye. Measured in pps.

    Jam - To leave a LEO and his gun devoid of your speed.

    Jammer - See LJ

    JFG - Jam From Gun

    JTG - Jam To Gun

    K or K Band - Second spectrum of frequencies allocated for police. Now used in door openers as well. Provider of many "false" alerts.

    Ka or Ka Band - Most recent range of frequencies allocated for police use. Rarely a false signal.

    LEO - Law Enforcement Officer

    Laser - Infrared light used by LEOs to determine distance.

    LG - Laser Gun. See Laser.

    LJ - Laser Jammer

    LI - Laser Interceptor (Jammer Brand Name)

    LiDaR - Light Detection and Ranging. See Laser.

    N00B - An attitude of, or quality of, someone who is new to a topic.

    pps - Pulses per Second. The rate that light is emitted from an Infrared Device.

    POS - Piece of Sh!t (Often a nickname for Cobra Products)

    RD - Radar Detector

    RG - Radar Gun. Device used by a LEO to capture the speed of a vehicle.

    RJ - Radar Jammer. Not Legally Produced or Distributed.

    RR - Radar Roy. An (unbiased) authority on Countermeasures.

    Stealthy - Refers to the susceptibility of one's vehicle to Lidar.

    X or X Band - Oldest (but not obsolete) frequencies (bands) allocated for police use. Provider of many "false" alerts.

    V1 - Valentine 1, manufactured by Valentine Research.

    Zombie - Someone who holds a (justified or unjustified) bias toward certain equipment.
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    Default Re: Would It Be Possible?

    Already Exists. It's under archived stickies.



    JFG = Jam from gun
    LIDAR = Light Detection and Ranging

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    Default Re: Would It Be Possible?

    Oh Noz!!!! I searched and searched to make sure I didn't make an ass of myself by re-posting. Alas, I did not check the Archived Stickies. Fail. =(

    Can we put that one back up, or make a new one anyway?





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