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Thread: It's amazing!!

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    Default It's amazing!!

    I'm a member of (no, I'm not advertising for them) and it's amazing how much others there don't know about radar detectors and countermeasure devices. I mean, these guys are all about building their cars up to 400+ horsepower and doing a little street racing but it seems they don't know too much about speed countermeasures. I went to a car meet recently and I asked one of my friends if he had a radar detector. His response..."No. I had one but it just kept going off in the city so I got rid of it." So just get a better one, maybe one with a multiple threat display, and learn what those falses mean and how to use that information to your advantage.

    Right now, I'm trying to convince a few people that the color of your vehicle DOES matter when combatting laser threats. I mentioned Speed Measurement Laboratories in Texas and one guy sacrastically replied, "Oh yeah, I really trust them." :shock: :shock:

    Granted, I've only conversed with a very small percentage of the actual members on the site but I just felt like venting. Anybody else have experiences like this on other forums or in the area where they live.

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    On the mbcoupes e-mail based forum, my experience has been the opposite. In fact, that's how I found roy's site.

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    most on those forums put all their money in the engine and other goodies to make you go fast, not many up grade the brakes for slowing down so even with alerts they won't be able to slow down

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    Most of the members on the SRT forums and young and don't know much of anything, including radar. If I ever want a good laugh, I visit the SRT vs All and laugh how a stock SRT takes out vetts. At least they got a good SOT section



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