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    Default Mounting an RD 'outside'

    I was wondering if you guys could help me with a project I'm planning for mounting an RD to my scooter. (That's right, I want to stealth out my scooter!).
    Mods, please don't dump this into the motorcycle section right away, since the questions I have aren't confined to the motorcycle set.
    First of all, you can see pics of my scooter at my site, "".
    As you will see, there is a big space between the nose of the bike and the front fender, and I plan to mount the RD right under the nose, basically sticking it to the underside of the nose.
    I will be running a smart cord to the dash through the body panels, and one earbud headphone cord up to the cockpit/helmet.
    I would only be using the detector in dry conditions, of course.
    What I'd like to know is if anyone on this board has mounted a detector 'outside', and if so, what they used to protect it from road grit/bugs, etc.
    What would work to cover it but not interfere with it? Plexiglass? Real glass? A basic plastic case?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'd try and make a new fibreglass fender with a "hole" underneath to fit the RD, then a cover to protect from any water/crap coming from the wheel. Completely unfindable. Lidar detection fugghedaboutit! But, the paint, she might interfere. But just normal grey plastic... should be fine.
    That's a cool idea, but I was thinking more along the lines of modifying the windshield mount to stick under the nose of the bike, where there is a ^ shaped section at the base of the swingarm of the fork for it to dangle from. The location of it isn't tough, but what could I cover it with? I could wrap it in a baggy, I guess, but I was wondering what materials will RD's see through with no probs? I understand laser needs a clear glass/plastic to see thru but radar doesn't?

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    Dont use carbon fiber materials, I know this first hand! I painted the inside of my windscreen - it gives the outside the professional painted look, and nobody can see my detector on the stemstand mounted on the triple tree. Actually nobody has noticed mine unless they were right up on my bike. But I guess since you are in CA you would want it more concealed than the way I have it.



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