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    Default I need info

    Ok i have a couple questons.

    First, i am buying a car soon and it has the option of getting a bra. Does getting a bra help make it more stealthy from lidar?

    Second, i live in california and i'm thinking about buying a m-20 lidar jammer. Is it worth the risk of getting caught, what are the chances of getting caught, and if you do get caught what's the punishment?

    Third, I have been reading alot about the lidar detection on escort-x50
    and bel-x65. it seems the escort is better at detecting it but it doesent have KU detection. what is KU band and is it readily being used?

    Forth, If you have the escort-x50, viel, and the M-20 lidar jammer what are the chances you can slow down from going about 120 in 65 speed zone to not get a ticket? Is it even possable to slow down from that speed?

    Lastly, when i buy my car will it be much harder for lidar to detect if its black instead of silver? how much better will it be?

    Thanks for posts/comments

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    Welcome to the board! A bra does help on a light colored car but it's only worth while if you use veil and/or a laser shield to take care of the license plate and headlights, which are far more reflective than the paint. Bras are also high-maintenance since they will destroy your paint if you just leave it on the car all the time. Personally I would take a pass.

    I don't know what the penalty is for a jammer in CA so I can't answer that one.

    According to the recent GOL (Guys of Lidar) Test, the RX65 actually did better than the X50. It kinda sucks on laser but if you are getting a jammer it's a non-issue.

    Finally, I'm going to have to say no. Officers are trained to estimate your speed before they target you and they tend to be very good at it. If you are even eyeballed at 120 he can arrest you. You WILL be pulled over, you car CAN be searched if he couldn't get a reading, and you could easily win a chance to see a Crown Vic from the wrong side of the glass. That all depends on the officer and the circumstances.

    Let me make one thing extremely clear. None of these devices will guarantee that you can drive at excessive speeds without getting pulled. Pretty much anyone on this forum will back me up on that. Using your head is infinitely more valuable than a good setup and choosing your speed is a big part of that.

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    Thanks for the responce, what do you think is the maximum speed you can do with all that equipment and have a very likely chance of slowing down in time?

    Also, concerning the bra, if i get a black car it is basically useless but if i get a light color it adds a little protection but is very high maintanence correct?

    With police training they can tell your going way to fast from 1000-4000 feet away?

    Another queston i have is can police radar/lidar guns shoot across the freeway? As in if they are behind a wall/barrior do they shoot across all 4 lanes of traffic to aquire your speed or do they aim at the back of your car. How well will the radar detector work if they are behind something and not aiming at you but from behind.

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    I wouldn't consider going more than 15 mph over even with that combination, and that's assuming conditions are ideal (straight road with very few hiding places). I've got just the X50, and I rarely go more than 10 over the speed limit.

    As for the bra, with a dark car, it might help a tiny bit. With a light car, it'll add decent protection on the paint, but yes, it will be extremely high maintenance, and it will destroy your paint job if you just leave it on all the time. The paint is the least of your problems, though. Skip the bra and get Veil and a LaserShield to cover the headlights and your front plate.

    Police are trained to eyeball your speed before they target you with anything. Considering that laser is often locked from a quarter mile away, yes, you should assume that they can eyeball your speed from at least 1000 feet (although not all cops do things "by the book" and eyeball you first, but that's an issue for another thread).

    If the cop is shooting through a brick wall, he'll read the speed of the brick wall, which, in Pennsylvania, would probably be something like 70 mph. Otherwise, they won't see anything. As for shooting across multiple lanes of traffic, the cops can if there's no one in those lanes, but if you get ticketed in the left lane by a cop who fired radar from the right-hand ditch in heavy traffic, it would be very easy to beat. That's why I always advocate staying in one of the middle lanes as much as possible--you can always say the cop was reading the car next to you.

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    Being in the left lane of 4 lanes, with the LEO off the right shoulder, the cosine factor would make it unlikely you'd register as speeding anyway.
    A true reading is only going to be at either 180 degrees of aspect angle (front shot) or 0 degrees of aspect angle (tail shot). Any angle in between, and your indicated speed on his gun is less than actual. At 90 degrees AA, you're speed would be're not going or coming (sts).



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