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    Default Detector picking up full KA leakage?

    I pulled into the parking lot, and as I parked my car I got a KA blip (5-6 on V1) then it increased to full. At this point I was thinking that a Cop must be within .1 miles of me. Then as I put the car in park, right across from my car was another car with a detector. I am pretty sure it was a cobra. Do these CARD's leak KA band that much, for me to get full KA on my V1?

    As I left, I met eyes with the owner who was a middle aged WOMAN. She left, and we were taking the same route, after she got 10 feet away the KA went ramped down, however as I neared her ( at red light) I got a faint KA and then J out.

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    Default Re: Detector picking up full KA leakage?

    Yeah some leak really bad. It's not uncommon to at least get up to half strength.

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    Default Re: Detector picking up full KA leakage?

    Yep. Thats why if I see another car near me with a Cobra, then I either let them get at least 100 feet in front of me or put them at least 300 feet behind me. Otherwise my RD's Ka band sensitivity is compromised even though my RD is filtering out the Cobra.



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