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    Default adjusting the lo emissions, possible rdd stealth mod?

    tonight i was thinking because my snooper interferes with the neighbours sat tv, is it possible for me to adjust the lo emissions! to a different frequency.

    would this have any effect on performance?

    also is it possible to adjust them without the need for software updates.

    if it is possible to adjust them wouldnt it be a way of some of us avoiding the spectre! lets not forget that if we can self adjust them then the rdd manufactuers wont be able to aquire our rd's for their testing and so wont be able to re tune their spectres as they have done previously!

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    If you change the LO frequency, you change the frequencies that the detector will detect. Which means it'll no longer detect police radar.

    Changing the LO frequency also means that the IF freqs that the firmware scans has to change as well, in order to allow the detector to continue to function.
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    i thought so, as the lo emissions are mixed with the radar frequency!

    technicaly this is a great way of defeating the spectre by adjusting the lo emissions is this way stealth micro wont be able to re tune their spectres to cover the frequencies used by different rd's

    but to do this you need equipment!

    also the manufacturers should make every rd on a different lo frequency so even if stealth brought one they wouldnt have a clue how many are on an undetectable frequency!

    some ideas for possible spectre beating........



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