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    Default I need another detector

    I just sent my V1 1 hour ago and I already started to feel naked. I was on the walmart website and I see they have the Bel 955 and the Pro 78. However its online only, I could buy it and have them ship it to the store where I could picked it up, has anyone done this. It says it would only take 2-3 days to arrive. Who knows when I would be getting v1 back. Plus iam going to mighigan for spring break I need a detector to play on the road. So I was wondering which is better at detecting ka band 35.5. Bel 955 or the pro 78. I was going to go to BestBuy and just get the x50. But I really dont feally like droping 300 for a detector know.

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    Default Re: I need another detector

    I had mine back 10 days after sending it. Not knowing how long it was going to take I got a 9500ix to test drive. Problem was, I ended up liking it and keeping it. If you can wait the 10 days then do it and save yourself some bucks. I know how you feel driving naked, but just consider it good discipline at driving the psl

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    Default Re: I need another detector

    I dont think I could drive without a detector and remain sane
    Do you know anyone local you can borrow one from?
    Ive loaned out detectors to friends going on road trips before. Maybe someone you know could hook you up.

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    Default Re: I need another detector

    Once Valentine receive my unit lat time i sent it in i got it back within 3 days. Just hold out, it's not worth buying another unit.

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    Snag that Pro78. It makes a nice backup radar detector and is pretty quiet when driving around town too.



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