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    Default 9500CI and V1 3.813 DO Interfere

    Well guys I have had three more situations where my V1 was picking up K band and as soon as my CI picked it up also, my V1 detected a brief Ka. I highly recommend that you do not install both antennas in the cabin. I am 100% convinced that they interfere with each other
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    Default Re: 9500CI and V1 3.813 DO Interfere

    Move them closer together and see if the interference increases?

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    Default Re: 9500CI and V1 3.813 DO Interfere

    I never understood why the ci units were considered ok to run together with a winshield mount Radar detector without one intererring with the other. It has been said engine/firewall blocking signal etc.. I say balony. I say they all interfere with each other when within a few feet to some degree. Case and point Cobras I have picked up as k and ka as they approach my Semi from behind(being blocked by my trailer) as they pass and until they are 100-200 foot ahead before they stop alerting on my STI. So if a trailer and Semi cab doesnt filter another radar detector what makes you ci owners feel a firewall filters it out? Just cause they dont alert dosnt mean they are not interfering with each other. But to this day I have not been able to document proof of one causing the other to completely miss an alert and vice versa.

    I like the idea of running the CI with the V1 so you get the arrows and the freq, but i agree that I feel they do interfere with each other to some degree.



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