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    Default Serious 9500ci Horn Laser Problem

    I just realized a severe problem.... about 15% of the times I honk my horn, I get a false rear laser alert, followed by "shifting".... I was wondering if this in someway affects the performance of my unit or it does not matter...

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    Default Re: Serious 9500ci Horn Laser Problem

    This is the thread you need:

    possible cure for x50 false laser alerts

    More than likely, your problem is one of electrical "noise" or interference.

    The other most likely possibility is that your charging system is falling off, and the use of the horn is presenting as an extra load - causing the voltage seen by your ci to fall off enough (or even spike) that it falses.

    Check to see that it's not one of these issues, first. Electrical gremlins are difficult to isolate, but given the limited wiring run of the ci, it should not prove too impossible nor too frustrating.

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    Default Re: Serious 9500ci Horn Laser Problem

    thanks for the help, is there any way you can pm me that link or send it another way? I cant read it unless i have 15 posts. sigh........

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    Default Re: Serious 9500ci Horn Laser Problem

    ht tp://



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