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    Default Looking for detector - suggestions?

    These questions were posed to me in another thread, but I have yet to receive feedback. Any help appreciated.


    ...answers to the following questions will help all of us recommend what radar detector is best suited for your needs:

    -- What is your driving like? Mostly highway, mostly city, or something in between?
    Mostly highway

    -- Do you speed regularly, or do you try to keep your speed either at or close to the posted speed limit?
    Usually set cruise within 10 of the limit

    -- What is your driving terrain like? Fairly flat, moderately hilly and curvy, or very hilly and curvy as in mountainous terrain?
    moderately hilly and curvy

    -- Is it normally just you in the car, or do you normally have family, friends or business clients in your car?
    normally just me

    -- What is your budget range?
    I have no idea what the price of these things are. How are things under $300?

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

    Well based on your answers a V1 might be your best bet. It is more chatty than other escort high end detectors in that the V1 cant lock out false alerts. I think most members in here would agree that the V1 is more effective on the highway than in the city. One other thing you should probably ask yourself is if you get annoyed easily by beeping. The V1 is $400 though so it doesn't look like it is in your price range. For a $300 spending limit you might want to look into the escort 8500 x50. It doesn't quite have the sensitivity of the V1 or the escort 9500i series but should provide plenty of warning. There are plenty of people on this forum that love their x50.

    Best of luck though. Some other forum members can probably give better advice than me.

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

    It's worth saving up a little more.

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

    On a budget I'd get the Escort 8500 X50. I just got one a month ago for my dad and it works very well and isn't bad for false alarms (in between V1 and 9500ix), range is good and price isn't bad ($309 MAP).

    I own a V1 that has good range, and the arrows are very usefull, does have more false noise, has slightly better range than X50 (in my opinion) and is definately a step up. However, the false alarms can make it easy to ignore and that would be a mistake.

    I also own a 9500ix that I love. Range seems to be about the same as V1, but it doesn't seem to false hardly ever. The GPS filter eliminates the door openers, but even first time through and area it is nowhere near as noisy as the V1. I'm not sure what this will mean for curvy road protection since it means that it doesn't see to the sides as well, but for me this is the detector to have. Also, I look for various cities/states to look at speed cameras as a cheap source of revenue so I think this or a Mirror will be a must in the near future. The biggest drawback I have is the MAP price on the ix of $499.

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

    I have them both. The X50 is one fine RD and is pretty quite AND within your budget if you get red. I like the arrows on the V1 and extreme range, but I live in Oklahoma and run it mainly on the highway. Go with the X50, you will love it for your first one.

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

    You might want to look at the Whistler XTR 695 (about $200) or Pro78 (About $180 I think). Whistler is coming out with a new version of the Pro78 soon. There are also some Beltronics RDs under $300.

    The other suggestions here in the forum are also pretty good.

    I suggest you look around the forums here, ask questions, look at the RD manufacturer's websites, etc. Do some research and ask questions.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

    Basically, all of the above recommendations are good ones. Due to the moderately hilly and curvy driving terrain, I would give an edge to one of the Bel Vectors or to an X50 versus the Pro78 or XTR-695. Yet the Whistlers are a bit quieter when driving around town.

    OldBrownDog, what state do you live in?

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

    Based on my first-hand knowledge of the v1 and second-hand knowledge of the other brands (from this forum), I'd say the v1 is the best bet for you.

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    Default Re: Looking for detector - suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by MEM-TEK View Post
    OldBrownDog, what state do you live in?
    I'm in NH... hence the "NH ticket" thread in the other forum...



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