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    Default Planning trip to Pittsburgh from NYC. Advice?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and bought a V1 after lurking through the forums. I am planning a "small" trip (i don't usually drive for more than 1 hr) to Pittsburgh from New York City (6 hour drive...). I was wondering if anyone has some advice on what type of speed detectors (radar/laser) I should look out for or any advice you guys/gals might have when traveling on the I-78 , the I-76 and the I-81.
    Side question: When the PSL is 65 MPH, how much above the speed limit is it safe to drive at while traveling in New York?

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Planning trip to Pittsburgh from NYC. Advice?

    1. Only PA state police can use RADAR.
    2. The only band PA state police can use is K-band.
    3. The PA state police must be stationary to issue a citation based upon a RADAR reading.
    4. Watch for X band in NJ.

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    Default Re: Planning trip to Pittsburgh from NYC. Advice?

    I have just read that ENRADD is used in PA. Is it used on highways/interstates?

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    Default Re: Planning trip to Pittsburgh from NYC. Advice?

    I don't know what your definition of highway is, but I would have to imagine that ENRADD would not be used on interstates.

    Most interstates are 'governed' solely by the state's state police. (Usually they don't let the local peons of LEO's on the interstates.) So, if the PSP are patrolling the interstates, I can only image they would use IO K-band exclusively...hence my only ticket.

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    Default Re: Planning trip to Pittsburgh from NYC. Advice?

    There is no moving radar in PA.

    On the Turnpike, Watch. For. Bridges. No, they can't hide on the bridges and swoop down for the kill, but they can and often hide behind the concrete abutments on the right side of the road. There are tons of little bridges for local roads that cross the Turnpike and many of them have convenient little gravel patches dug out behind them. (Edit - since it sounds like you'll be traveling through the "mountains" (at least we call them that), there will be a lot of hilly terrain. Some of those hills have convenient little gravel patches dug out where you can't see them. That's how I got nailed one time...)

    You won't have to worry about ENRADD on an interstate highway. The State Police aren't going to lay down a couple thousand dollars and dodge traffic setting the thing up when they can just point a radar gun out the window. You might need to worry about aircraft-based VASCAR. I've never actually seen it myself, and it might not be the right time of year yet, but if you're paranoid about it just look for big white lines painted across the road.

    The last time I was on 81/78 on the stretches I suspect you'll be traveling, there were tons of annoying K-band radar drones attached to orange mobile digital signs. Most of the PSP are smart enough to use IO, so you should be able to tell the difference between a good, solid ramp up from a constant on source and the intermittent nature of IO shots. Just look for a big orange sign when the signal gets stronger.

    Can't help you with NY, sorry.
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