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    Default Kind of miss my cobra...

    I got a cobra last year before finding this forum.

    I had it hardwired, mounted beneath the RV and just never got around to taking it down until last week. I haven't been running it since getting an X50 and then a V1 but I just kind of got used to seeing it there...

    I may take it apart and look at the guts. I found this:

    Police Radar Jammer

    I know it doesn't work but it would be cool to see if I can get it to false my V1 at any range...

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    Default Re: Kind of miss my cobra...

    I was once a cobra runner myself (before this forum), but the polarity was not marked so when I went to hardwire it, it blew up on me!

    So I did part it and took some photos...

    I have to say I never recieved a radar based ticket when I had it so it did do it's job, but I never trusted it to give me anymore warning than "just ahead" or "around this very next corner"

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    Default Re: Kind of miss my cobra...

    Thats a pretty dinky looking antenna and LO chamber compared to stuff from US manufacturers.



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