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    Default I must be too nice...

    Today I put on a little under 300 miles on on road trip and had two encounters that where memorable.

    1. While traveling west from Detroit I get a k-band signal. I was wondering, where could he be. Over a mile later I finally see the state trooper sitting in the middle running constant on K-band.

    2. While traveling west bound towards grand rapids I go to pass a car. Behind me I have a fan from some company following me a little to closely. Just then I get a ka-band blip. I tap the breaks and move to the right lane. I look over and see the guy in the van looking over at me really weird. I just point forward. He then speeds up and passes the car in front of me, merges right and slows down. about 30 seconds later a state trooper passes me on the east bound side running moving I/O. I jump to the left lane and speed ahead, as I pass the van I just a nice wave and nod form the driver. Like I said, I must be too nice.

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    Default Re: I must be too nice...

    I have tried to warn other motorists many times they all look at you like your dumb cause if your RD is mounted high they can't see it or they think your telling them to take the lead. For example last weekend a girl in a SUV passed me when Ka was going off and i motioned her to slow down but she got blasted by a TX DPS with moving I/0 over a hill

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    Default Re: I must be too nice...

    I have also felt like an idiot when warning someone.

    The situation was that I was driving home over spring break and in the middle of no where, as I am passing a truck, I get a soft Ka alert. As I slow down I signal to the car that was following behind me. I only got two soft Ka alerts and never saw the LEO. It's my guess that the cop was going in the same direction of travel that I was.

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    There's not much you can do about that. If they don't snap to double tapping the brakes then it's their problem.
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    Years ago I used to try to warn other drivers. But I gave up on it since half the time they either ignore me or think that I am an idiot, or the other half of the time they end up trailing really close on my six for the rest of the trip. I don't like either situation.



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