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    Default RMR-Interesting/Amazing/Funny!

    This is from the JCWhitney Automotive Site......(check out the ID from the comment poster "RockyMiuntainRe from Chicago, IL&quot!!! Radar/Laser Detector and Scrambler C-430 Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Cooper1212, December 16, 2008 By RockyMountianRep from Chicago, IL (read all my reviews) Pros: Easy to use, plug it and away you go!Cons: None"This product works great. It is everything you need in a detector AND it scrambles. This is the only detector that detects and scrambles in a single unit. Scrambler allowed me time to reduce speed, time and time again, so that the police officer could not get a solid read on me. This product does everyhting it says it does. Way to go Rocky Mountain Radar. Definitely a great product!" How often do you shop at JC Multiple Times a Year
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    Default Re: RMR-Interesting/Amazing/Funny!

    JCWhitney might as well be owned by RMR.

    I bought some license plate covers from them a LONG time ago and ended up with a $100 bill saying I agreed to some "magazine offer".



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