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    Question What if? A Question About Possible Detector Design...


    I'm curious to gather some reactions here regarding a "what if" question about detector design...

    Certainly a fully integrated, custom installed design like the Escort 9500ci offers some wonderful advantages - potentially higher performance, stealthy, aesthetics, anti-theft, etc.

    Likewise, a windshield mounted detector has some of its own advantages - portability from vehicle to vehicle, ease of installation, a minimum of wires, ease of repair, etc.

    But I wonder, why not combine the better aspects of each of these approaches with some of the newest technologies in wireless communication and integration? It would seem to me that it would be easy to have a " forward antenna unit" that mounted on the windshield... Low on the dash, high behind the mirror, whichever you prefer, and that this unit be powered, either by a cigarette lighter plug or hard-wired. Then you could have a "rear antenna unit" that communicated with this unit wirelessly, and it could be small and semi-permanently mounted in the rear window. The display and control unit could be small, separate, and come with a number of mounting possibilities to allow you to mount it in various ways and places.

    GPS would be a snap for a system like this, too. You could even add side antennas if anybody felt it was necessary.

    This could be the basis of an even more expandable unit - i.e. add wirelessly linked and controlled laser jamming units, etc.

    And with today's bluetooth capabilities, etc. it would easily be possible to have the unit link with the car's sound system so audio and voice alerts could come over the car's speakers.

    Anybody else see this as the way detectors should go?

    What are your ideas?



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    Default Re: What if? A Question About Possible Detector Design...

    But you'd have to wire the modules for power anyway or run them on batteries. I can't see going with the latter option.

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    Default Re: What if? A Question About Possible Detector Design...


    Heck... the remote mounts cost too much as is. What you are talking about would only increase the price

    Not to mention 'Cheetah' is already catering to many wireless categories in this industry...
    lest we bring up the patent issues potential here.

    Good ideas none-the-less, but the only company capable of doing that wouldn't put the price very low... my guess is $2,000+ looking at their similar units.

    PS: Many long-time forum members have (had) their remote mount units mounted inside their vehicles before.
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    Default Re: What if? A Question About Possible Detector Design...

    Desmosedici's idea is interesting even though it would be rather expensive. Desmosedici obviously likes to think "outside of the box".

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    Default Re: What if? A Question About Possible Detector Design...

    That would be great, if money was no object. The remote installs come close to what you need but they're out of most people's price ranges alone. Definitely way out of my reach.



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