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    Default Original Escort

    I thought this was pretty cool. Local guy has an original Escort advertised. Its an antique.

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    I have two original Escorts, both in virtually mint condition.

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    Me, too.

    I have a pair of those original Escort's, a super rare Escort DSP, one of the original Solo's, a Solo 4, and even one of Escort's very first laser detectors... I'll have to drag it out and get the model number off it. I think there are even a few more old detectors stashed back in there, too.

    One of these evenings I'll have to drag them all out, snap some pics, and post 'em...

    That is if my post count ever gets high enough where I can view pics, see links, and post pics, etc.


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    I've recently had two cop friends of mine give me their old RDs since they learned I was into this stuff. One gave me an original Escort, and the other gave me a Fuzzbuster III. If this keeps up, I may start my own RD museum!

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