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    Default New NZ Speed cameras have a bug [video]

    Police red-faced after speed cameras lie (1:56) | News Video

    Causing the speed reading on large vehicles to be incorrect, sometimes double.

    They are Redflix or something cant remember, but low power output K-band units; basically you dont get an alert from a V1 or STi until your about 20 meters from the thing and then its a weak signal.

    Hopefully they put them back to Ka and crank the power up
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    Wink Re: New NZ Speed cameras have a bug

    yes i seen this on the news and all the biger vehicles get away with the fines because they arent reading speed correctly clocking them and Double the speed. i know it sacks they are using low powerd k ban its too late by the time you get a detection. would be nice if they went back to Ka 35 sadly i dont think thats going to happen i believe they have done this so we dont get any advance warning. speed cameras seem to catch more speeders then anythings else according to nz police.

    Did you know blenheim police has a Bebo Page search blenheim police on bebodotcom



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