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    Default A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    Hi everyone,

    You may recall that well over a year ago I commented that my V995, once in a blue moon, would start up with an unusual full start-up sequence. This was caused by a momentary power issue which corrupted its firmware settings. I then mentioned that RD users should power up their RD's only after they have started their car, and power down their RD's before turning off their car.

    Well, today I was fiddling with my newly installed Cobra 75 CB radio before heading to town. I decided to power up my 9500ci so that it could get its GPS lock while I was playing around with my new Cobra CB. After several minutes, I cranked up my car and drove to town to do some errands. My 9500ci's display didn't even flicker for a split second while I cranked up my car. On the way to my favorite deli, I noticed that I didn't a couple of the normal weak K band alerts which I usually get around town. I didn't think too much of it since it is a nice day and maybe the nearby grocery store had locked its automatic doors in the open position.

    After eating my deli sandwich and reading the local paper, I headed up the road to do some grocery shopping. I immediately realized that my 9500ci wasn't alerting to K band at all as I drove through the parking lot and right by several K band door openers. I parked my car, powered off my 9500ci, and powered it back up. Still no K band alert! I went into programming mode and confirmed that, indeed, K band was turned on. Everything else about my 9500ci seemed to be working just fine -- audio, GPS, speed display, et cetera.

    Finally, I decided to power off my 9500ci using my kill switch since I have it hard wired to continuous power. I then did a factory reset while powering it back up again. Voila! My 9500ci, after a couple of seconds, began to strongly alert to the grocery store's door openers. So, this now is the third time that my 9500ci's firmware settings have become corrupted after first powering it up and then starting my car. And this is why I miss the "standard" or "long" start-up sequence which previous Escort RD's have, since when the firmware settings get corrupted due to momentary power glitches then the long start-up sequence usually acts weird as well.

    The moral of this story? Always power up your RD after you have started your car and after you have confirmed that your car's engine is idling smoothly. Always power off your RD before turning off the ignition since the act of turning off the ignition can create a voltage spike. And, finally, its worth it to buy a dirt cheap inline noise suppression filter off of eBay or from a local car stereo shop. I just bought one for around $10 including shipping. A quality noise suppression filter has a built-in capacitor and a built-in choke. Together, these simple devices attenuate noise by at least 30dB, the choke blocks voltage spikes, and the cap acts as a small battery which is capable of powering your RD for several milliseconds if there is a momentary voltage drop.

    And the final moral of this story? I really wish Escort would put back the option for the long or full start-up sequence! It most likely would have given me a clue that something was amiss before I inadvertently discovered that my 9500ci wasn't alerting at all to K band radar (or maybe any other radar at all).

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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    Hm. Very interesting. Thanks for that.

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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    I started a thread a couple of months ago about this. I said I turn everything off before stopping the engine. Conversely when I start my car everything is off. I still feel that no mater the quality of your electronics, there are transit voltages the can affect the operation of the electronics when a vehicle is started. I even shut off my heater/ac before turning the engine off.

    As the old saying goes, you live, you learn.

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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    Good info.. now if I can just break my bad habit.

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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    The filter you talk about, is that the same filter used in homes with DSL or something different, if so can you post a link? Thanks

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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    Here is an example of a noise filter:

    10 Amp Heavy Duty Automotive Electrical Noise Filter 270-051

    Here are the specs for the above noise filter:

    10 Amp Noise Filter (270-0051) Specifications

    Other companies make similar automotive noise suppression filters with different current handling capabilities. Radio Shack has discontinued their 10A and 20A noise filters. Now you can pick them up on fleabay for dirt cheap.

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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    Hrm.. no problems here. I have my 9500i hardwired into a fuse that turns on with my ignition.. no possible way to turn it on before I start my car.. oh well.. i'll keep my fingers crossed

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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    But it's so convenient!

    I used to only turn my detector on when I needed it. Then I saw the PSP on back roads so I turned it on whenever I got in the car, but I would sometimes forget it. Then I started driving a new car and hardwired it to a switched power source so I just let it come on with the car.

    Now I have to learn a whole new habit. MEM-TEK, if I ever forget to turn on my detector and get nailed, the blood is on your hands.

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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    I built a power-on delay circuit for my hardwired V1.

    About 2 seconds after I start the car up, the V1 powers up. Works great, and protects the RD from damage or corruption due to power surges.

    That said, Escort should have put a checksum in the NVRAM (or EEPROM) so that it could check its integrity on power-up. If the NVRAM gets corrupted, it will do a factory reset.
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    Default Re: A "heads up" about RD power issues...

    That power delay circuit is neat. I'm gonna build one. Instead of using a relay, I'm going to use a large transistor, and I might throw in a 7812 voltage regulator as well for for cleaner power.

    Kpatz, I love you idea about the checksum. Please contact Escort about your idea. Maybe they will add that to their firmware.



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