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    Default VG2 alerts in Florida?

    I have just recently started getting numerous VG2 alerts in Florida's Microwave Alley (the northernmost 10 miles of I-95 - part of Florida's Welcome )

    My first question was did Florida get a new anti detector law?

    Second question is what would cause this to false?

    Detector in question: BEL 965


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    Default False VG2 alerts

    Well I think when you said that this was happening in "Micowave Alley" that you identified the problem

    First off, I don't know of anyone that is still using VG2. States such as Virginia that have Radar Detector laws have all gone to using the Spectre.

    Secondly, FL has not changed their laws concerning radar detectors.

    So my guess is that these are false alerts that some other microwave tower is sending to your detector
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    Thank you. I will turn that feature off. I appreciate the peace of mind. I was beginning to think that they had come up witn a new system to generate state revenue and collect detectors. .

    As it is, it is one of the stretches of highway that the state, county, and local enforcement vehicles make reservations for different locations along the way.

    I wish you a safe drive and ride! I

    A fellow 2 and 4 wheel operator,




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