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    Default Different frequencies...

    I'm happy with my V1 and the data it provides but I don't use my X50 enough to really fool with the "tech mode". (I put it in the wifes car after using it for about a month....)

    With the V1 I know:
    X, - Could be a cop in certain areas, mostly false
    K, - probably a cop on back roads/interstate, rarely a false on the road
    Ka, - always a cop on the road.

    Green, Orange, Red, simple.

    Now I have a remote which I keep in tech mode but I'm not sure what to do with the info. I guess I need to train myself to ACTUALLY LOOK at it when there is a threat

    I have noticed that 24.XXX is usually door openers and such...

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    Default Re: Different frequencies...

    With tech mode you can guess whether a K band hit is for real or not more quickly. 24.153 = possibly a cop, 24.212 probably not. Its even more useful on Ka... 35.498=almost definitely a cop, 35.420=Cobra, 33.793= Cop, 33.679=Cobra.

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    Default Re: Different frequencies...

    Tech mode is very useful, if you know what you're looking for in the frequencies. Basically, since I don't have that I go based on instincts. If I'm traveling in a normally quiet area and I get traces of radar (except X...I live in FL) I know that it's probably a cop. If it turns out to be a cobra, my V1 will J it out.

    I think tech mode is for the people who are driving in unfamiliar areas routinely for work or what have you.



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