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    Talking Wikipedia tell's ya

    [ame=""]Radar detector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    Note: In the section "Radar Scrambling" See how they pointed out Rocky Mountain radar. Reckon RMR must be pretty special to have that done to them

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    Default Re: Wikipedia tell's ya

    yes i see that on there they suck what a scam, im glad radar roy give's us good advise on what to buy and what to not buy most importantly what works and what doesn't. what im really waiting for is weather or not the government is going to ban radar detector's in nz or not.

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    Default Re: Wikipedia tell's ya

    Well, RMR is really the only product out there that claims to passively scramble radar. In the next sentence it clearly states they don't work.

    Anyone who buys into RMR is a fool and deserves what they get.

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    If I'm not mistaked Wikipedia is user based information. So, anyone could put anything in there. If you take the _ out of the URL, it gives you the option to create your own "Radardetector" page. Wikipedia is good, but it's not concrete information by any means.

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    RMR is a huge scam but taking any information off wikipedia as fact would be a mistake, it is completely made up of unsubstantiated information.



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