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    Default Ka false/varying freq?

    Ok so i did some searching...and here was my situation yesterday. i have a 9500ix in case you're wondering. anyway, yesterday on my drive home i was actually doing the PSL, and got a Ka alert prolly a good 1/2mile-mile out. earlier that morning there was a 34.7 Ka confirmed CHP in that same area except going south (i was going north on my way home). Anyway...since im going the PSL i keep going, and i see alot of people speeding past me, suckers. so as im getting closer the signal gets stronger and stronger and eventually stays a solid tone as im right next to it. looking up at the spec display the Ka is varying between 32.x and 33.x. ive never seen a varying frequency like this...specially on Ka. after a while i see an old early-mid 90's crown vic on the shoulder as well as a honda accord with a flat tire. the crown vic was definitely not any kind of cop - no antennas, no exempt plates, it had a "custom" 2-tone blue/goldish paint job.

    anyone ever experience anything like this? i was quite puzzled...once i passed it the signal went away, so it couldnt have been a leaky cobra or something. weirrrdd

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    Default Re: Ka false/varying freq?

    i have. this can happen when there is more than one cop in the area. also, when there is more than one gun in use. police by me have dash mounted 35.5 stalkers, but i have seen many 34.x handhelds.

    there were more than likely 2 guns in use

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    Default Re: Ka false/varying freq?

    I have had the same thing (32.x interesting). My old RX65 would do it when detecting junk detectors even while detecting real cops and Junk detector, it's no big thing. Maybe you should look at a V1 it will Ka guard it out or if it's real bad like what happen to you most likely "J" it out. The V1 has very nice Ka Filtering

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    Default Re: Ka false/varying freq?

    im having this issue with my STiR and im sending it in for a service...will see what they say



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