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Thread: POP in CA?

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    Default POP in CA?

    Anyone know if any LEOs in CA are using POP?

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    Haven't seen any down here in Southern CA. I've turned off POP on my RD. I think most CA police and the CHP don't have contracts with MPH, so they wouldn't have the bee. They either use Kustom or Stalker K/KA radar guns or Laser (Pro-laser 3). If you go to Vegas though, turn POP back on cause in NV they have tons of them. Only POP alerts I get are falses anyway, and hardly anyone uses RDs down here at all that I've seen, not even Cobras. Only time when I thought I didn't get a false POP was when two motorcycle cops in Temecula left their units on with someone pulled over when I passed them. My X50 showed 35.5GHz (Kustom) though, not 33.8Ghz (MPH) while alerting to both KA and POP.




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