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    Default ? About buying from Unauthorized RD Dealers

    If you buy a Belscort from a freind or off Ebay, and it needs fixed in a few years will Belscort fix it without a original receipt. I understand you won't get a 1 warranty, but do they flat out refuse to service RD bought from unauthorized sources.

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    Default Re: ? About buying from Unauthorized RD Dealers

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    Based on post 25, I don't think you'll have problem getting it fixed (if it isn't stolen), but you'll be paying the bill. I assume they're making money on non-warranty repairs and why should they turn that down.

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    Default Re: ? About buying from Unauthorized RD Dealers

    If it has a valid serial number theyll service it but youll have to pay if you dont have the receipt. Had problems with my first X50 that my friend sold me with no receipt. You got to call em to have a repair number and they make you register it. It wasnt working when i got it back , i sent it back and they decided to give me a brand new one with the receipt and new serial number. Pretty nice customer service!!
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