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    Default Engine RPM false alarming?

    Hi Guys,

    I bought a Bel STi rdd, and tryed it in my truck at first and the unit worked awesome. I have now installed it onto my motorcycle with a HARD display in my helmet and everything seems to work ok when my bike is idling and at very low rpm, but as soon as I start to rev my bike I get the flashing LED in my helmet.

    The unit is hiden deep within the fairings of the bike so I am unable to see the LED display on the actual rdd unit so I cant tell if its just a HARD problem or the actualy unit is picking up some sort of frequency that is thinks is radar ....

    I just wanted to ask you guys if you could think of anything that may be causing this before I spend 2 hours tearing down the bike again to get to the unit

    RD's are illegal here hence the 2 hour dig to get back to it.

    Its installed behind my front fairing just on top of my headlights, behind my speedo / tach cluster, it has only a thin peice of plastic in front of its view.

    Let me know what yas think.

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    Default Re: Engine RPM false alarming?

    I'm guessing it's laser falsing, have a read through this thread. Take particular notice of what the professor has to say about RFI on page three.

    My Sti would laser false occasionally when using the horn while plugged into the lighter socket.

    You could try the ferrite thingies for starters and see how it works.

    Edit: It could also be alerting to over voltage, you may need to check the display if you can, or wire up a speaker to determine what the alert is.
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    Default Re: Engine RPM false alarming?

    Extremely good read thank you Carrots!

    It makes alot of sence since its behind my speedo / tach cluster which has a bucket load of wiring all which unfortunatly lays almost on top of the detector

    Its extremely tight behind this area and I may not be able to do anything about it .....

    Only one thing I can do is turn laser detection off. To be honest ive had ALOT of tickets in my life and they are ALL from cruisers travelling in the opisite direction on the highway. So us much as I would like to keep the laser detection, I might just switch it off as where I live I have never ever seen a laser setup.

    The only other thing that "may" be an option, is to cover / shield the wires that come to and from the speedo so stop RFI from leaking from them as much ....

    Im not sure if this can be done, but Im going to do some research and see

    Agaian thank you so much Carrots, im sure this is what is causing the false alerts

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    So i tore into my bike and got to the front of the detector ...

    When I raise the rpm of my bike above 2000 rpm the led light on the HARD sender box starts to pulse then hold solid once rpm is higher. So as soon as this box's led starts to flash of coarse it transmits to my helmet making my hemlet led flash.

    At this point the actuall RD unit still displays Highway on the led display which leads me to think its not the actual RD unit that is causing the problem it must be the HARD unit right?

    Are these HARD units affected by RFI like the actual RD unit is?

    Its not like it can be wired wrong, it just plugs in.

    Im going to try and move the HARD unit to another area to see if that helps.



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