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    Default i have the 9500i but want more stealth

    should i get the beltronics sti driver since none of the RDD's detect this model,

    what about the performance of the bel sti?? is it better then my current 9500i or i should keep my 9500i and turn it off once it detects a frequency???

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    Default Re: i have the 9500i but want more stealth

    \ How about an sti-r? It has more stealth and better performance.

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    Default Re: i have the 9500i but want more stealth

    Here is a list of RDs that are immune to RDDs:

    -Bel STi-r
    -Escort 9500ci
    -Bel STi
    -Escort Redline

    If you are not on a budget, I would take the STi-r over the STi.



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