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    Default Laser reflection signatures of various vehicles, a plan.

    I always wanted to do the following with radar too, but that would be nowhere near as easy. This probably belongs in the laser section, but it did not seem to fit any of those categories

    The next car I buy, its laser reflection signature will play a role in the purchase decision.

    The plan requires the following:

    A laser source.
    A Gen 2 or Gen 3 night vision device.

    with those two items it should be relatively simple to get a good visual image of the laser reflection from various cars, paints, and/or countermeasures. Ideally, the testing would be done at night, inside a garage, with the lights turned off. But you probably could get reasonable info just walking through a dealers lot at night.

    Hooked up to a video or still camera, it would make for a nice webpage.

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    so does it have to be night vision or can it be IR light at night?

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    If you want good results, you will have to use night vision. IR cameras just don't quite cut it. (atleast not the "night eye" stuff on a typical Sony Camcorder.)

    If you do the test in a dark garage (it has to appear dark to the night vision too) and then turn on the IR laser, you should get a very good idea of the amount of reflection.

    you could also do a pretty good test in a rural area, no moon, but good cloud cover (ie block out the stars). Have some one shoot the target with the laser from a few hundred yards and observe the reflection over the laser shooters shoulder using the night vision device.

    But still, I think even a laser source used on cars in a dealer's lot, at night, viewed through a gen 2 or 3 night vision device would really tell a lot about how the various paint jobs reflect that laser.



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