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    Default window tinting affect radar performance?

    Can after market window tinting film affect radar performance?

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    Default Re: window tinting affect radar performance?

    It can. If you're having it done, assure they do not use metallic tint material. The dealer should know if it is or not, as Llumar tints are marked. If you already have tinting, just test it by parking across the street from a door opener signal, then move the detector up and down from behind the tint to see if the signal strength changes. Most tints today do not make a difference.

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    Default Re: window tinting affect radar performance?

    thanks for the advice! I will try that.

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    Default Re: window tinting affect radar performance?

    i always heard that metallic tint is great if:

    1. you're looking for an inexpensive tint option
    2. you don't use radar detectors, gps, satellite radio
    3. you are more concerned with making cosmetic changes to your car than you are concerned with the tint's ability to reflect heat/sun rays

    i was in the same boat as you and decided to go with ceramic tint (huper optik). it's gonna cost me an arm and a leg ($400 quote), but i expect to get much better performance out of this type of tint.

    when i had my oldsmobile aurora, i got the metallic tint ($150 roughly). it looked really good, but i wasn't running anything else in my car except the standard radio

    now, in my new car, i have gps, RD, and i'm considering satellite radio. since i don't wanna take any chances, i'm gonna go with the more costly option



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