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    Default Free Gatso tracking software

    I just ran across this. I have no idea if it works, but I thought it might be interesting to those that have to live with the Gatso's. If this has already been posted... Sorry.


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    Default Re: Free Gatso tracking software

    Quote Originally Posted by Longsnowsm
    I just ran across this. I have no idea if it works, but I thought it might be interesting to those that have to live with the Gatso's. If this has already been posted... Sorry.

    Dont think its been posted. Also they have some nice radar topics going.

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    as some of you know, I am from Greece. Here the police uses 2 kinds of speed traps.

    1. Handheld guns, 99% laser (Ultralyte over 90% and ProLaser III).

    2. Gatso cameras (fixed with piezoeletric lanes 90% or radar 10%) and mini-Gatsos or inside police cars or evern unmarked.

    Here is the question.

    For the mini-Gatsos or the police cars I own the Bel 550 and I am completely satisfied. 550 detected camera at about 500+m, speed sign at 1.000m and old handheld X band gun at 1,5Km.

    The real problem are the fixed Gatsos now (they started to get widely used and it's impossible to remember all the positions) and the lidar guns.

    So, now I want a software/program for my cell phone (Nokia 6600, N70 etc, all S60 series) so I can make a list of the cameras and the places where laser speed traps are (they usually prefer certain spots for laser, so we know many of them, or learn them from a certain site: Finally I' ll have a warning as I approach the "dangerous" places and I' ll have time to check my speed.
    I own Route66 for navigation, I tested PowerNavigation2 (it has waypoints, visual and audio alerts but it doesn't seem to work = no alert at all approaching the No1 waypoint which is my home !!!) and other software from (all about gps, navigation etc).
    On December 5, the destinator3 will be released for S60 cell phones (great advance, as it has a map of all the major roads in Greece and the feature of waypoints warning). The problem is that I don't need such an expensive navigation software for only the cameras (I know the main roads, so the navigation is useless for the rest of Greece, from the moment I have Route66 for Athens).
    I would be very happy if you had prosposals of such simple and cheap software for Nokia S60 series.

    Thnx in advance for your time, sorry for the long post.

    PS1. There are no databases for Greek fixed Gatsos, as they started to install them last year in the "dangerous" spots of our national roads. For the laser speed traps is out of the question to build such a permanent database. It would need update on a weekly basis.

    PS2. The speed limits are 120Km/h and 90Km/h in Highways and other major roads respectively, but there are certain parts where the speed limit is left (after the construction) at 50-60Km/h and the police stops the drivers there (easy target, easy money) or the cameras do the job for them (here is the use of the GPS warnings).

    PS3. They usually stop drivers who drive 140++Km/h in national roads and 110++Km/h in all the other roads. For the 50-60Km/h limits they stop above the 65-75Km/h depending the place, time, and the orders from the superiors.

    PS4. If you like (I don't know if it's against the rules of this forum to post it here so if there's a problem delete this part) you can visit where some people created a site very usefull for the drivers. There you can find where the cameras are, where the cheap gas stations are, what are the means police uses here in Greece, where they put their speed traps (updated every 10 days) and many many other details. Of course everything is in Greek, but you can translate it automatically here:



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